Third Impact Anime Episode #138 – BERSERK (1997)

Put your glasses on, nothing will be wrong! On this episode of the Third Impact Anime Podcast, we’re reviewing the classic dark-fantasy anime series BERSERK, specifically the original 1997 adaptation by OLM covering the Golden Age Arc of the late Kentaro Miura’s classic manga. Tobias, Austin, and Ryan are joined by frequent buddy and BERSERK super-fan, Will a.k.a. SwooshXBear, to talk about this incredibly influential and important series that we’ve never really talked about on the podcast before! Spoilers for the whole arc abound and do be aware that our conversation covers themes of violence, specifically sexual violence. Our convo is not crass but these themes do come up so listener discretion is advised.

00:00:00 Introduction

00:20:08 Cast and Production

00:57:55 Discussion

02:18:26 Final Thoughts

02:33:53 Outro

All music featured in the episode is from the BERSERK soundtrack.

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