Leiji Matsumoto

Leiji Matsumoto, creator of classic manga series’ Captain Harlock, Space Battleship Yamato, and Galaxy Express 999, passed away on February 13th, 2023 at the age of 85 years old. He was a pioneer of the medium and his mark was made on every work that came afterwards. His stories inspired us with courage, curiosity, and the belief in a better tomorrow for us all.

In 2021, we produced a series of podcasts where Sully spoke at-length to nearly all of the contributors to the book Leiji Matsumoto: Essays on the Anime and Manga Legend, edited by Helen McCarthy and Darren-Jon Ashmore.

Below we have collected each of these interviews in one place to honor his memory and the work of the scholars who loved him as an artist, a teacher, and a friend.

Rest in peace, sensei.