Welcome to Third Impact Anime!

Third Impact Anime is a group of simple otaku who love exploring the artistry, history, and community of anime. Hosted by Austin (@bebopshock) and his many awesome friends (meet them below!). Keep up with us on Twitter @TI_Anime!

We also perform panels at conventions all across the southeast USA. Our panels focus on exploring different anime series’, video games, creators, and topics in fandom.

Cons we frequent are:
Ichibancon, Triad Anime Convention, Animazement, Queen City Anime Convention, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and Hamacon. 

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Austin Craver

Founder – Head Engineer – Podcast Host

Since first watching Bleach on some horrible piracy website over 10 years ago, Austin has a deeply entrenched passion for anime both as an art form and a force to bring people together.

Austin holds a BA in Media Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a minor in English. Austin founded and ran the Forsyth Tech Anime Club, founded and ran UNCG AniMondays, ran the Geeksboro Anime Club, has ran fan panels at conventions for a number of years, and has bought way too many used anime DVDs.

You can find him most easily on twitter @bebopshock and listen to him spout anime thoughts(?)

When not anime-ing, Austin enjoys drinking black coffee, replaying Kingdom Hearts, petting dogs, alternating between A Day to Remember and CHVRCHES on Spotify, collecting souvenir flattened pennies, and admiring his media shrine to Mrs. Doubtfire.

Austin’s go-to Anime: Cowboy BebopNeon Genesis EvangelionTengen Toppa Gurren LagannFLCL, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Sullivan Wallace

Senior Editor – Weeaboo Martha Stewart

Sully’s raison d’être is to bring the idea of the yappie (young anime person) into the 21st century.

A lifelong obsession with Nintendo games combined with a fateful introduction to Dragon Ball Z in the first grade hooked him on Japanese media culture for the long haul.

Sully holds a BS in retail and consumer science, and was the president and event coordinator of UNCG’s Science Fiction Fantasy Federation, as well as a frequent collaborator with the UNCG Japanese Club.

If he’s not watching anime, he’s probably re-watching The Golden Girls for the one millionth time, agonizing over Rocky Horror Show memorabilia with other collectors, or trying desperately to relax.

Sully can be found on twitter @calva_kun.

Sully’s Go-to Anime: Ouran High School Host ClubYattermanUrusei Yatsura, Blue Exorcist, and of course, Sailor Moon.


Tobias Mcnabb

Senior Editor – Porg Father – Panelist Extraordinaire 

Tobias Mcnabb attended his first anime convention in 2004 and never actually went home. After several years of seeing too many AMV’s, spending too much money in dealer’s halls, and somehow surviving some crazy room-parties, he decided to try his hand at presenting panels. He’s been simultaneously heralded as the Geeksiah and denounced as a slave to nostalgia. Currently, he travels the southeast from Alabama to North Carolina, swindling conventions into giving him an open mic from which he barfs forth anime production facts and otherwise-useless trivia about ludological pursuits.

You can find Tobias on his personal website and on twitter @reverend_tobias

Tobias’ Go-To Anime: Neon Genesis EvangelionRevolutionary Girl Utena, The Entire Filmography of Satoshi Kon, The Tatami Galaxy, and Kyousogiga.


Ryan McIntee

Panel Contributor

Ryan considers himself a jack of all trades when it comes to media. He consumes not only anime, but any game, TV show, movie, or comic he can get his hands on. If it’s on Netflix, he’s probably watched it.

He got his start watching anime with Pokemon back in elementary school, but through the glory of the internet, he has expanded his horizons over the years.
 Along with Jon, Ryan is the resident retro game enthusiast and has an undisclosed amount of games in his collection (it’s a lot). He started gaming when he was 3 and never stopped.
Ryan has a BS in Information Systems from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He was an officer at the NC State Anime Club and co-ran UNCG AniMondays with Austin. He has also run panels at conventions for a few years.
You can find him on twitter @ryanmcintee and find him talking nonsense on Third Impact Anime Podcast, specifically on the sub-show Two Guys and Video Games (formerly). Ryan now co-hosts the YouTube channel Mid Shelf Gaming.
Ryan’s go-to anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi SuzumiyaBaccano!Dragon Ball


Tori Lee

Panel Contributor

Tori is usually found in a dark room laughing at vines that no one else happens to find funny, only to procrastinate on anything she needs to work on.

One day, many years ago, after binging dozens of horror movies and somehow running out of things to watch, Tori was met with a recommendation to check out Clannad, the series that pulled her back into obsessively watching anime. Tori’s interests range from cute and fluffy shows like Cardcaptor Sakura and K-ON! to the odd and grotesque world of Japanese horror, and some things in between.

While pretending to be a normal member of society, Tori is pursuing a double degree in Elementary Education (with a concentration in teaching English as a foreign language) and Asian studies at UNC Greensboro. Tori is also into collecting plastic anime girls, baking, cosplay, the paranormal, K-pop, all things Disney, and lo-fi hip-hop YouTube channels.

You can find Tori on Twitter @WorstWaifu usually talking about whatever she’s currently watching or quoting random parts of IRL conversations she finds funny.

Tori’s go to anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Precure franchise, Durarara!!Shiki, The Monogatari series, Sailor Moon, and Kyousogiga


Marisa Reece

Panel Contributor – Host of the Touken Rambles Podcast

Despite her mom’s wishes for a girly-girl, Marisa dove into everything nerd culture has to offer; anime, video games, comics, and pretty much everything in between. Her interests in Japanese media and World History culminated into a deep love of Japanese Culture and History, her main focus when it comes to panels and podcasts.

Marisa graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in History and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. At UNCG, she served as the Vice President of the UNCG Japanese Club.

Marisa can be found on twitter @muse0ica where she frequently talks about singing sword boys. Marisa is also the host of the Touken Rambles podcast.

Marisa’s Go-to Anime: Katsugeki/Touken RanbuHaikyuu!!Showa Genroku Rakugo ShinjuuYuri!!! on Ice, and Code Geass


Bill Foreman

Writer – Assistant Engineer – Podcast Co-host

Bill has been an anime fan ever since watching Yu Yu Hakusho and G Gundam during his younger years, weekday afternoons at the local CiCi’s Pizza.

Bill Foreman has strived to become an anime historian or hipster (take your pick), showing a deeper interest in older anime titles and the companies that release them. Bill tends to steer clear of the seasonal hype train, but boards it every now and again when something really catches his eye.

When not watching Lupin the Third or going down the rabbit hole of YouTube anime trailers, he is probably playing Hearthstone, listening to Doctor Who audio plays, or reading comic books.

Bill is a regular writer for Third Impact Anime, can occasionally be heard on the Third Impact Anime Podcast, and be seen talking about Lupin at conventions once in a blue moon.

Bill’s Go-To Anime: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexLupin the Third: The Woman Called Fujiko MineSword for Truth, and One Piece


Andrew Craver

Panel Contributor

Andrew is a fun boy. His interests range from anime and video games, to PBS documentaries, to college football. His favorite video game series is Rachet and Clank and coming in at a very close second is the Uncharted series.

Andrew’s anime watching career started technically with Bleach, but really kicked off when he first saw Gurren Lagann. A self proclaimed, “Yotsuba&! expert”, he has read all of Azumanga Daioh and owns a large portion of the Yotsuba&! manga. All this has led to a taste palette that ranges from gourmet cuisine, to the equivalent of anime burger king.

When not watching anime, playing videogames, or going to football games, Andrew plays golf, or goes bowling. You can follow him on twitter @Toaster_Mike where he mostly complains but may also tweet about anime once in awhile.

Andrew’s go-to anime: Neon Genesis EvangelionUsagi DropBaccano!K-On!, and Engaged to the Unidentified


Sarah Steele


Sarah is an idol mobile game addict who watches anime sometimes! After binging whatever she could get her hands on for over a decade, she’s come to realize her favorite series are ones with shameless emotional appeals and FRIENDSHIP. So like, sports and idol series, mostly.

Outside of Third Impact Anime activities, Sarah works in theatre, often in costuming or wardrobe crew. Collaborating with others to make a creative vision come to life is what gets her out of bed in the morning, and cute 2D characters are what keep her going throughout the day!

You can find her on Twitter @uniquexharmony, often yelling about said 2D cuties.

Sarah’s Go-To Anime: AKB0048, Haikyuu!!, Macross Frontier, STARMYU: High School Star Musical, The Eccentric Family

Sarah’s Go-To (Mobile) Games: Ensemble Stars!, The IDOLM@STER Million Live! Theater Days


Jon Carlee

Tech Lad – Village Fool – Former TGs & VGs Co-host

While everyone else at Third Impact works hard analyzing and curating Japanese animation for everyone’s appreciation, Jon plays video games.

Just because he can count most of the anime he’s watched on two hands doesn’t mean he dislikes it (He even reads manga, with Rurouni Kenshin being his first and favorite).  His forte just happens to be video games. Besides his love for the Star Fox series, Jon’s played everything from Robo Recall to Mother 3 to Time Crisis to Oblivion and everything in between.  

Like the traveling swordsman, he prefers not to stay on one game for too long.

Jon actually acquired a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics (we’re serious).  He’s also participated in the CampusMovieFest competition, winning the Jury Award twice and his first film winning Best Actress.  He also has credits for post audio and editing on IMDB.

Once he became part of Borderline Panels, he quickly found out there’s more to appreciating and understanding anime and the culture surrounding it aside from simply watching it.  On his quest for new anime and knowledge, he’s joined up with Third Impact Anime, bringing his gaming knowledge, editing expertise, and whatever shenanigans he happens to be up to.

When Jon’s not busy not sleeping, he enjoys listening to and composing music, playing video games, editing videos, making very bad jokes/gifs, and hanging out with people as much as he physically can. You can listen to him on the Third Impact Anime Podcast, especially on his (former) sub-show, Two Guys and Video Games with Ryan.

Jon’s Go-to Anime: Full Metal AlchemistCowboy BebopNichijouPersona 4: The Animation

Go-to Game Series: Star FoxMetroidPokemonPersonaThe Legend of ZeldaDanganronpa