Panel Master List

Third Impact Anime Panel Master List

All panels are 1 hour General Audience presentations unless otherwise documented. HDMI connections preferable, nothing out of the ordinary.


A Brief History of Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts, the beloved and somewhat bizarre lovechild between Square Enix and Disney, has become one of the most incredible and recognizable video game franchises of all time. This panel takes a ‘deep dive’ into the franchise’s history and bright future. Got it memorized?

An Extensive History of Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts, the beloved and somewhat bizarre lovechild between Square Enix and Disney, has become one of the most incredible and recognizable video game franchises of all time. This panel takes a ‘deep dive’ into the franchise’s history and bright future. Got it memorized?

Women in the Anime Industry (with Tori Lee)

When you hear people talk about who the “best creators in anime” are, that list typically falls short of including many women. This panel showcases some of the most incredibly talented female animators, directors, producers, and composers in the anime industry that have helped titles like Madoka Magica, Cowboy Bebop, K-On!, and Free! come to life.

10 Anime Movies You May Have Missed

Who doesn’t love AKIRA or Princess Mononoke or Your Name.? I definitely do! But this panel showcases some more obscure or under-appreciated anime movies that may not get the recognition they deserve. Come get some new movies to add to your “Plan to Watch” list!

3,2,1 Let’s Jam: The Works of Shinichiro Watanabe

Watanabe is arguably the coolest guy in anime. He has a love of music, movies, storytelling, and above all else, cool characters. A director that’s never afraid the break the norms of anime, his work has made a huge impact on western anime fandom with Cowboy Bebop being one of the most influential and recognizable series’ of all time. This panel explores the man himself, his body of work, and what makes Watanabe work. See You Space Dandy…

A Brief History of GAINAX and Beyond

Are you ready to pierce the heavens? Pilot the EVA? Swing the bat?! This panel takes a look at the history of anime’s most infamous studio; studio GAINAX. We’ll take a look at who they are, how they came together, and how GAINAX’s legacy continues to this day.


Culture of Overwatch

Description pending
Touken Ranbu: Behind the Blade

Explore the extensive histories behind the Touken Danshi from the hit browser game Touken Ranbu Online. While learning more about the long and often overlooked subject of Japanese history ranging all the way back to the Heian period to the revolution of the Bakamatsu. You will learn more about swords than you ever thought that you could. (2 hours preferred)

Love, Chain, Encircle: A History of Magical Girls

Magical Girls, a beloved anime genre that has inspired many children and continues to affect many even into adulthood. Though have you ever thought about everything that went behind the scenes in creating those beloved shows and their important into the evolution of the genre? So it’s time to grab your animal companion and transform.

Sports Anime vs. Reality

Wait, did that he just Kamehameha that basketball? This other kid just spiked a volleyball without looking? HOW ARE THOSE BODY PROPORTIONS REAL FOR HIGH SCHOOLERS? If you’re questioning how realistic are sports anime then it’s time that you learn the truth behind the actual sports.


Get N or Get out! A Look at the Nintendo 64
Retro gaming culture fixates on the 8-bit aesthetic: pixel art and chiptunes are everywhere. But as millenials grow into adulthood, there’s a nostalgia for the gaming of 1996. Join us as we talk about the Nintendo 64 and the transition from 2D to 3D graphics.

Tapes, Toonami, and Teenagers: Anime (Culture) of the 90’s
The 90’s was a period of transition for anime fandom in the West, with more anime being licensed and airing on TV, and the rise of the internet. Join us as we take a look back at the shows that defined the decade as well as the fandom that eventually evolved into the one we engage in today.

DVD’s, Digisubs, and Deflation: Anime (Culture) of the 00’s
2009 doesn’t seem so far ago, but the anime industry and fandom culture has changed drastically since! From the days of overpriced box sets, to fansubs on IRC, to the 2007 recession deflating the distribution bubble, this decade has developed a history and nostalgia of its own. Join us as we take a look back and the history of yesteryear.

Surrealism in Anime (18+, 2 hours) (non-18+ 1 hour version available as well)
Many anime over the years feature striking, strange, fantastical scenarios, from Third Impact in End of Evangelion to the witches in Madoka Magica. Join us as we look into these surreal scenes and the Superflat movement and how the line between anime and art is shifting.

Blood Type Blue: 20 Years of Evangelion
Fewer anime series carry the weight and notoriety of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Join us as we take a look at this classic, examine its early production, and discuss its effects on Japanese culture ever since its release.

Trigger Warning: The New Hotness of Studio TRIGGER
Studio TRIGGER may be one of the newest studios making anime series, but their creators have been working in the industry for decades. Join us as we take a look at this eccentric studio, their history, and their recent and upcoming works. Don’t Lose Your Way to the TRIGGER panel!

Conventioning 101
Nerd conventions have exploded in popularity the past few years, and now more than ever, people are traveling to these time-honored events. Join us as we pass on a decade of collected wisdom and advice, and what events to attend…and what mistakes to avoid at conventions.

Hyrule Fantasy: Calamity Canon
In an age where sequels and HD remakes are the norm, the Zelda series continues to set standards and defy expectations in its storytelling and gameplay. Join us as we focus on the cyclical nature of the titular legend and the lore of Hyrule.

Star Wars in Japan
George Lucas’ space opera informed the past four decades of American fandom, film, and storytelling, but how much has it influenced our Japanese counterparts? In this panel, we’ll investigate both the reception of Star Wars in Japan, as well as looking at the influences in anime and manga history.

Older Anime for New Fans
Never has it been easier for a new fan of anime to jump into the community. There is a gigantic back catalog of series running over 50 years, which can be daunting to someone starting off. In this panel, we’ll be exploring some of the gems from the history of anime, focusing on series that have a universal appeal and are still entertaining to modern sensibilities.

The Art of Paneling
Fan paneling at anime conventions is an aspect often overlooked for the flashier events at conventions, but we have a stronger panel culture now than ever before! We’ll take a look at the different formats of panels, give advice on building and submitting your panel, and answer questions from prospective panelists.

Down with the Quickness: Classic Sonic the Hedgehog Games
With the release of Sonic Mania last year, SEGA has shown they can break the cycle of poorly-received games and give the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise the revival it so desperately needs. Let’s take a look back at the blast processing of 1992 and see what makes those classic games still enjoyable today.


Six Same Faces! Your Guide to Osomatsu-kun
With the reboot series in 2015, the Osomatsu franchise has exploded in the West and resurged in its native Japan, but what about the Matsuno Brothers and their wacky pals has made them such an enduring part of Japanese pop culture? And how has their creator, Fujio Akatsuka shaped the anime and manga landscape as we know it?

Lum Forever! A Celebration of Urusei Yatsura
Before Ranma ½, before Inuyasha, Rumiko Takahashi’s Lum invaded the pages of Weekly Shonen Sunday in Urusei Yatsura and became one of the most beloved characters in the history of anime and manga.

3-2-1 Time Bokan!!
Over 40 years worth of historical hijinx, fearless heroes, and bumbling bad guys. Tatsunoko Pro’s Time Bokan series is one of the most famous franchises in Japan, creating trends and characters that would affect the industry forever, so how come it’s still so obscure in the West?

Nintendo Outside Nintendo (2 hr)
Cereal! Magazines! Cartoons! …Ice skating?? Nintendo has a long, colorful history of media outside of video games, some of it good, some of it bad, and all of it wacky and wonderful.

La Soldier ~ The Musical World of Sailor Moon
In 1993, the Sailor Moon anime was adapted into a live action stage musical, since then, over 30 musicals have been staged with almost 900s performances about Usagi and her adventures. An exploration and celebration of everyone’s favorite Pretty Guardian on stage.

Japanese Film and How to Watch It (Working)
A panel that consists of a selection of Japanese film, illustrating various parts of the history of Japan, its film industry, and the trends, culture, and subcultures that have been portrayed by it. This panel is a constant rotation of 10 movies with notes on understanding film context and how to procure and enjoy film from Japan.  

Otaku Minimalism (Working)
How can you be both a minimalist, and an otaku? It’s not as hard as you think. A guide to using principles from different minimalist approaches and applying them to the otaku lifestyle for a more harmonious and clutter-free collection.

Fujoshi vs. Fudanshi (18+) w/ Marisa Reece

A straight yaoi fangirl and a gay yaoi fanboy debate and discuss the pros and cons of male/male relationships in yaoi, while also looking at some of the more outrageous examples from the boys’ love genre.


The Anime That Actually Saved Anime

What anime saved the industry? Kill La Kill? Black Butler? Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid? We will be taking a serious look at the internet meme, with statistics, history, jokes, and we determine that the anime that saved anime is *SPOILERS*.


How to LEVEL UP Your Panel

Ever had a desire to be a panelist? Are you currently one and want to take it to the next level? Do you just enjoy having a good time? Then this panel is for you! Join Jon from Borderline Panels as we cover what makes for a good panel, how to get in tune with both yourself and your audience, some tips and tricks that are great if done correctly, AND some other oddities and horror stories to look out for. Whether you’re here to learn or to laugh, we can’t wait to see you here!+