Panel Master List

Star Wars in Japan at Ichibancon 2018


  • Get N or Get out! A Look at the Nintendo 64
  • Tapes, Toonami, and Teenagers: Anime (Culture) of the 90’s
  • DVD’s, Digisubs, and Deflation: Anime (Culture) of the 00’s
  • Surrealism in Anime
  • Beyond Miyazaki: Anime Creators You Should Know w/ Austin
  • Blood Type Blue: 20 Years of Evangelion
  • Trigger Warning: The New Hotness of Studio TRIGGER
  • Conventioning 101
  • Hyrule Fantasy: Calamity Canon
  • Star Wars in Japan
  • Before Devilman Crybaby: The Wild Worlds of Science Saru
  • Older Anime for New Fans w/ Austin
  • Down with the Quickness: Classic Sonic the Hedgehog Games


  • Spider-Man in Japan
  • A Brief History of Kingdom Hearts (Retired)
  • An Extensive History of Kingdom Hearts (Retired)
  • Way to the Dawn: A Deep Dive Into Kingdom Hearts (Retired)
  • 10 Years Later: Anime in 2012 (Retired)
  • Women in the Anime Industry w/ Tori
  • 10 Anime Movies You May Have Missed
  • 3,2,1 Let’s Jam: The Works of Shinichiro Watanabe
  • How to Run an Anime Club and Make It Out Alive (Retired)
  • A Brief History of GAINAX and Beyond (Retired)
  • A Brief History of GAINAX (18+ Sakuga Edition) w/ Tobias (Retired)
  • Daicon is Forever: Exploring Studio GAINAX w/ Tobias (Retired)
  • Excellence in the Ordinary: A Look into Kyoto Animation w/ Tori
  • Disney and Japan w/ Tori


  • This is My Panel, it was Made for Me! A Junji Ito Showcase (18+)
  • Let’s Get Spooky! Your Guide to Japanese Horror (18+) (Retired)
  • Let’s Get Spooky! Your Guide to Horror Anime (18+)
  • Cursed Tapes: Japanese Horror Films (18+)


  • Six Same Faces! Your Guide to Osomatsu-kun (Retired)
  • Lum Forever! A Celebration of Urusei Yatsura
  • In the Realm of the Superflat (Retired)
  • Nintendo Outside Nintendo
  • La Soldier ~ The Musical World of Sailor Moon
  • Magic Lantern: A Showcase of Japanese Film
  • The Clutter Free Otaku (Retired)
  • Onegai, Go Nagai! (with Tobias)


  • Anime Anthologies You Should See


  • The Anime That Actually Saved Anime (Retired)
  • Batman in Japan
  • 1998: The Best Year in Gaming? w/Tobias
  • Video Game Hell 
  • Japanese Culture in Video Games


  • How to Make the Anime Community a Better Place
  • The Art of Paneling (retired)
  • Collecting 101 w/ Mid Shelf Gaming
  • Anime-versary
  • 20xx in Review (So Far)
  • Anime of the Quarantine Era