Episode # 112 – Interview with Jonathan Tarbox! Talking Leiji Matsumoto, Anime Conventions, and working in manga!

Hey everyone! Look, another interview! For the third entry in our Leiji Matsumoto interview series, Sully chats with Jonathan Tarbox about Matsumoto’s WWII comic The Cockpit and how it relates to Ivan Morris’s analysis of Japanese literature and the “nobility of failure.” Jonathan also talks about his experiences in the anime convention scene, working in the manga industry in Japan, and what makes The Cockpit one of Matsumoto’s most fascinating works, even without a proper English release.

Jonathan Tarbox graduated from Oberlin College and did graduate work at the University of Chicago and Indiana University. Jonathan has worked as an editor at COAMIX and DC Comics, working on titles such as Claymore, Fist of the North Star, and Black Cat, and has taught at UC San Diego and California State University. He gives panels and lectures at anime and pop culture conventions across the globe, and has worked as a translator and editor in the manga industry. Enjoy! 

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