Pride Month Special! Episode # 111 – A Conversation with Yuri Scholar, Erica Friedman!

Happy Pride Month, everyone! For our 2021 Pride podcast, Tori and Sully have a chat with yuri researcher and Yuricon founder Erica Friedman! Erica goes into the development of her upcoming book, By Your Side: The First 100 Years of Yuri Manga & Anime, what it took to trace the history of yuri as a genre across a whole century of material, what excites her about yuri fandom today, and Sailor Moon (of course!) 

Erica holds a Masters Degree in Library Science and a B.A. in Comparative Literature, and is a full-time researcher for a Fortune 100 company. She has lectured at dozens of conventions and presented at film festivals, notably the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. She has participated in an academic lecture series at MIT, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Harvard University, Kanagawa University, and others.

She has edited manga for JManga, Seven Seas and Udon Entertainment, most recently Riyoko Ikeda’s epic historical classic, The Rose of Versailles.

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Music featured in this episode:

  1. “The Rose Perishes Beautifully” by Hiroko Suzuki – The Rose of Versailles Opening
  2. “Eyecatch #2” by Takanori Arisawa- Sailor Moon OST
  3. “hectopascal” by Yuki Takada and Minako Kotobuki – Bloom Into You OST
  4. “Toward the Future” – Bodacious Space Pirates OST
  5. “Truth” by Ruka Yumi – Revolutionary Girl Utena Ending

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