Third Impact Anime Episode #137 – ZOMBIE LAND SAGA (Season 1 & 2) feat. Cy Catwell (AniFem, ANN, Seven Seas)

OHAIYO GOZAIMASU! Watch out for passing trucks because we’re reviewing the greatest zombie idol anime that takes place in Saga prefecture ever made, ZOMBIE LAND SAGA and its sequel season ZOMBIE LAND SAGA REVENGE. Austin and Bill take center stage on this one but they aren’t alone! We welcome a very special guest to our idol troupe who you may know from their work on various visual novels, light novels, and manga series (links below) and their incredible work over at Anime Feminist, Cy Catwell! Cy was kind enough to join us for a review of one of their favorite idol series, and ours as well.

00:00:00 Intro and mini-interview with Cy about their translation work, living and working as a black person in Japan, and their role at Anime Feminist

00:32:57 ZOMBIE LAND SAGA production notes, cast & crew breakdown

00:57:50 ZOMBIE LAND SAGA S1 & S2 discussion and review

02:04:57 Outro

Titles Cy has worked on that were mentioned:

Additional reading & sources

All music featured in the episode is from the ZOMBIE LAND SAGA soundtrack.

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