#73 – Con-flicts Vol. 2: Animazement 2019

Direct Link: https://thirdimpactanimepodcast.podbean.com/e/73-con-flicts-vol-2-animazement-2019/

So while some jerks were in Atlanta on Memorial Day weekend, the rest of us were in Raleigh for Animazement! The con brought us out as Featured Panelists, doing what we do best: talk way too much about Japanese cartoons.

We had a total of 24 hours of content to provide over the weekend, some new, some old. As we’ve never really talked in-depth about our panels on the podcast, we break all of them down in this Dynamaxed episode of the Third Impact Anime Podcast. If you missed Animazement, or are still feeling those post-con blues, this podcast will transport you right to the halls of the Raleigh Convention Center, that’s the Third Impact Anime Guarantee™.

As we mentioned, part of our weekend involved interviewing two pillars of the anime industry: Robert Woodhead, CEO of AnimEigo, and Linda Young, the voice of Frieza in the original Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z.

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