#72 – Con-flicts Vol. 1: Momocon 2019

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A couple weeks ago, bits and pieces of the Third Impact crew visited Momocon 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Panels, parties…plenty of fun was had! Join Ryan, Sarah, and recurring-side-characters-with-cult-followings Edwin and Will as they share some of their favorite experiences from the con and determine if Momocon is worth the hype or not!

Special thanks to Sarah for editing this one and giving Austin a break!

The Breakdown:

00:00:00 Intros & The Usual Check-ins
00:09:44 Momocon: General Impressions
00:17:54 Panels: Ours and Others’
00:28:09 Dealer’s Room & Loot
00:41:24 Guest Meetups/Panels/Concerts
00:55:09 Story Time
01:04:31 Final Thoughts: THE VERDICT(Will We Be Back?)
01:11:29 Outros & Social Media Plugs
01:13:49 Support & GIVEAWAY INFO!!

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