Tobias @ AWA 2018


With Anime Weekend Atlanta being my ninth and final convention of 2018, one might think of it being just another job for me, but AWA and I have a long history, and I still consider it to be my major annual convention. With some last-minute additions to the schedule, I pulled out all the stops to make all seven of my panels to absolute best renditions so far and had a stellar time. Nothing quite brings me back to the nostalgic days of my early fandom like AWA, so to pass the torch on and provide quality content to a new generation of fans is very important to me.

Here are the playlists and general outlines of the panels that were title-heavy. For my other ones, well, you’ll just have to attend the next time I present them.

Trigger Warning: The New Hotness of Studio TRIGGER

This panel is a pretty simple overview of Studio Trigger; no follower of their output would be surprised by what I showed, but for those of you just now discovering them, here are the people and titles we talked about:

Older Anime For New Fans

When a new fan asks for recommendations for shows to watch, they invariably get inundated with everyone piling on their favorite shows from their childhood, and while a lot of good stuff does get recommended, it tends to be stuff with an older aesthetic that doesn’t hold up as well as one would like to believe. In this panel, I recommended a few series that are both classic and still work for a modern audience. Here are the titles referenced in the panel—to hear my justifications, you’ll just have to attend the panel when I run it again:

Before Devilman Crybaby: The Wild Worlds of Science Saru

I’ve got to admit, I was a little surprised to see most of the audience so well-versed in Yuasa’s work already, but like for TRIGGER above, let’s put the list down for reference:

Beyond Miyazaki: Anime Creators You Should Know

Again, as we said in the panel, this list was not meant to be exhaustive, but included in the most relevant and important anime creators in 2018 that we felt all anime fans should be aware of. The exclusion of any of your favorites was not meant as a slight—we just only had an hour to present this panel!

  • Isao Takahata
  • Makoto Shinkai
  • Sayo Yamamoto
  • Satoshi Kon
  • Mamoru Hosoda
  • Mari Okada
  • Rie Matsumoto
  • Studio Trigger
  • Kyoto Animation
  • Science Saru


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If you want to keep up with what we’ll be doing in 2018, both at conventions and online, you can find Third Impact Anime on Twitter, as well as my personal Twitter.

Thank you all for making AWA special as always!


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