Panel notes for “Way to the Dawn: A Deep Dive Into Kingdom Hearts”


I have delivered this panel at conventions more times than any panel I have. It was my very first panel and while it has gone through many changes, the core mission remains the same; celebrate the Kingdom Hearts franchise by going in depth on how it was made and how it continues to inspire magic with every installment. After Anime Weekend Atlanta 2018 wrapped up, I realized that I probably need to create some sort of collection of notes/links to accompany the panel. I use a lot of different pieces of Kingdom Hearts ephemera that I’ve collected over the years and making those available outside of the panel for further exploration just seemed like the right thing to do!

Kingdom Hearts (2002)

E3 2001 Trailer

Kingdom Hearts II

Disney 411 Premiere coverage

Under the Sea: The Little Mermaid (film) vs. Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +

The Music of Kingdom Hearts

Utada Hikaru – Simple and Clean First Live Performance (circa-2002)

Yoko Shimomura Live – Square Enix Presents 2014

Kingdom Hearts Fandom

Inside the Kingdom, With Heart Mini Documentary

Kingdom Hearts in the Disney Parks

Disney Dan’s Evolution of Kingdom Hearts In Disney Parks!

Seth Kearsley’s Kingdom Hearts (TV) Project

Seth Kearsley on Twitter

Seth Kearsley on Deviantart

Most of the graphics I use come from the fine folks over at who make it their life’s mission to gather up and catalog all the KH junk they can get their hands on.

This article is living so I will periodically update it with links to other cool KH related things as I find them. Until next time, may your heart be your guiding key!


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