VTubias: MomoConline 2020

I want to give a quick shout-out to MomoCon for asking me to present panel content for their virtual convention this weekend. I know life is weird for everyone right now, and the absence of the steady stream of anime conventions just adds to the anxiety and frustration we’re all feeling. I’m glad that we can come together to inject some normalcy back into the world. Well, I guess if you call Japanese cartoons “normalcy.”

Thanks also to Basil for helping pass along this opportunity!

Older Anime for New Fans

This went largely unchanged from previous versions, but having to pre-record the panel instead of doing it live meant I could adequately cover all the titles rather than dash through the end to clear the room for the next event.

Here are the titles I showed, with links to stream them. I would also suggest RetroCrush, which is continuously adding new (old) titles. You can shop RightStuf to buy physical versions if that’s more your thing!

At the end of the panel, I also recommended two podcasts which focus on older anime, both of which have inspired me in my own fandom over the years. The first is Anime World Order, one of the oldest anime podcasts around; any person involved in the fandom surely has heard of them by now, but if you’re just getting started, I certainly recommend them! Also, check out The Anime Nostalgia Podcast! Dawn is a great advocate not only for classic anime, but classic fandom as well.

The Wild Worlds of Science Saru

I updated this panel for Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!, and you’re damn lucky I didn’t do the entire panel just about that series! As I said a hundred times in the panel, please go watch these works—they are all incredible and will enrich your appreciation for animation.

And here’s a link to the Wave Motion Cannon interview I talk about: https://wavemotioncannon.com/2016/04/06/interview-masaaki-yuasa/

Again, feel free to shoot me any comments here or on Twitter: @reverend_tobias. As soon as it is truly safe to do so, you can bet I’ll be back at conventions, but in the meantime, let’s hang out online!

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