Episode #93 – BEASTARS

Take a walk on the WILD SIDE! In this episode, we look at the recent hit BEASTARS from Studio Orange and author Paru Itagaki.

We discuss each major character in detail, studio Orange’s pedigree, and the major themes of the show including identity, sexuality, power, bullying, and the plethora of animal metaphors.

Due to the mature themes discussed in this show, we have marked it as Explicit on Apple Podcasts. Listener discretion is advised.

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Link to the Canipa Effect video we mentioned:

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  1. […] The animation of this show was beautiful, the intro instantly became one of my favorites. It is probably the best Netflix anime to have been made to date. I thought the dynamics between the different classes of animal were really well thought out and actually made it feel like a really well built world. I always appreciate when a writer takes the extra effort to completely develop the world their characters are in. We also did an episode on this show! You can find that here. […]


  2. […] After a multi-year-long delay from our coverage of season 1, we’re back to talk about the second season of BEASTARS. The adventures of Legoshi, Haru, Louis, and the rest of the Cherryton Academy animal teens continue as the mysteries of Tem’s death and devouring are finally revealed. This episode is NOT spoiler free. We hope you enjoy it! Check out our review of Season 1 here. […]


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