Animazement 2019 – Magic Lantern: A Showcase of Japanese Film List

Thank you to all of the Animazement attendees who took the time to visit my panel on Japanese cinema! As promised, here are the ten films I showcased at the con, their trailers, and where to find them for yourself!

Enjoy! Kino!

A Page of Madness (1926)
Dir. Teinosuke Kinugasa
A man takes a sanitation job at an insane asylum to be near his wife and attempt to free her.
Available from Flicker Alley

One Wonderful Sunday (1947)
Dir. Akira Kurosawa
A young, bright-eyed couple try to enjoy a day in post-war Tokyo on nothing but 35 yen.
Available from The Criterion Collection

Ikiru/To Live (1953)
Dir. Akira Kurosawa
After discovering he is dying from cancer, a civil servant vows to spend his final days giving his life meaning.
Available from The Criterion Collection

Yukinojo Henge/An Actor’s Revenge (1963)
Dir. Kon Ichikawa
A traveling onnagata performer seeks revenge on the officials who drove his parents to suicide.
Available from The Criterion Collection

Tokyo Drifter (1966)
Dir. Seijun Suziki
After his old boss dissolves the gang, mobster Tetsuya finds himself the target of a rival kingpin whose job offer he declines.
Available from The Criterion Collection

Funeral Parade of Roses (1969)
Dir. Toshio Matsumoto
Drag queen Eddie moves her way up in the world of gay nightclubs in this swingin’ grind-house take on Oedipus Rex.
Avalible from Cinelicious Pics (now Arbelous)

House (1977)
Dir. Nobuhiko Obayashi
Seven girls find themselves at the mercy of a bitter witch when they summer in her wacky haunted house.
Available from The Criterion Collection

Testuo: the Iron Man (1989)
Dir. Shinya Tsukumoto
After a run in with a metal-fetishist, a salaryman finds his body slowly metaphorizing into scrap iron.
Available from Third Window Pictures (Region 2/UK)
Used Region 1/US editions can be found on most auction sites under the “Tartan Asian Extreme” label.

Dolls (2002)
Dir. Takeshi Kitano
Three tales revolving around three very different sets of people as they face love and death in its many forms.
Available from Palm Pictures
Used copies can be found easily online.

Sweet Bean (2015)
Dir. Naomi Kawase
A down on his luck baker hires an eccentric elderly woman to make sweet bean pancakes for his shop.
Avalible from Kino Lorber
Based on the novel by Durian Sukegawa, published in English by Oneworld publications.

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