BONUS EPISODE – “100 Years of Anime” with Masuo Ueda and Guests (Animazement, 2018)

This is a very special bonus episode that we put little to no effort into creating!

At Animazement 2018, Tobias and I attended the “100 Years of Anime” panel hosted by Producer Masuo Ueda, animator Kazushige Yusa, director Akitaro Daichi, and curator of the Tokyo Anime Center, Asaba-san (I couldn’t make out his full name). They discuss the most influential anime on their life and work, how anime has changed over the years, their struggles and successes as creators, how anime works in the west, and then took some audience questions at the end.

It was incredibly fascinating and the whole panel was just hilarious.

Sorry for the audio quality being garbage, this was recorded on my phone afterall. So sorry about that!

Here’s the video Ueda showed before the panel. It’s amazing and beautiful and just WOWIE:

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