Lupin Meets Battle Royale: Lupin the Third Part 5 Ep. 3 Review

Episode 3 is a mixture of both big action sequences and strong character development for Ami as Lupin and co. fight off the best assassins in the world. Ami and Lupin get trapped in a car manufacturing plant as the assassins move in to make the kill. Luckily, Ami is able to hack into the manufacturing computer causing confusion among the assassins, allowing Lupin to gain the upper hand. Lupin and Ami are able to escape but Ami is shot in the back!

Ami is shot

While Lupin is taking care of Ami’s wound, we learn more of her back story. At a young age Ami was captured by a child pornography ring. Showing some knowledge with computer code and programming, the ringleaders began forcing her to work on computer programs they could sell on the black market, notably Marco Polo’s payment system which she created herself. This tragic backstory gives the audience an idea why Ami is so cold and logical, a defense mechanism she developed as a way to survive against her captors. I’m really glad she wasn’t explained as just the “quiet shut-in computer girl” anime trope and we actually got some character nuance with her.

Lupin figures out that everyone is placing bets on figuring out the day he will die. When he exposes the assassins gamble, the game becomes less Running Man and more Battle Royal.

Battle Royal

The subsequent fight sequence shows off the individual skills of the Lupin gang. Ami is able to reveal all the bets and identities of the assassins while Jigen destroys an assassins gun as he holds it, and Lupin using his toes to fire his gun, etc.

Lupin_s toe shot

Say it with me: “Lupin Physics. Yay!”

After finishing off the assassins, Fujiko Mine FINALLY SHOWS UP, but not to join the gang, but to kill Lupin as one of the assassins! Good tease, Part 5.

Fujiko Finally shows up

Three episodes in and I’m surprised that Part 5 still has an ongoing storyline, but I think it works. Each individual episode plays out like small vignettes that go into the next one. Let’s hope the conclusion of this storyline isn’t anti-climactic.

Bill’s Random Thoughts

  • LVP: Zenigata. He just states he’s going to Bawanda and that’s it, but based off the preview for next week, I imagine will be seeing a lot more of Zenigata.
  • Goemon’s deus ex machina moment: Instead of cutting the fisherman assassin’s line like you would think, he cuts off his hands! DAMN, Goemon!
  • Fujiko and Lupin hint of a past romantic relationship between them. Interesting…
  • Ami’s backstory could be from a One Piece character.


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