Planes, Games, and Automobiles: Lupin the Third Part 5 Ep. 2 Review

Geomon sword

The game is afoot as the Lupin Gang tries to get away from both Inspector Zenigata AND the players in the “Lupin game.” Thanks to Ami, the gang is able to find a gyroplane allowing them to take off and escape quickly without using a runway. Unfortunately, the gyroplane has no power to take off! Ingeniously, Lupin uses a car battery to power the gyroplane.

power by car battery

Wait. You are probably wondering, ‘how can a car battery can power an airplane? How can a small gyroplane lift a full-size car into the air?’

Just repeat to yourself ‘it’s just a show, I should really just relax.’ Thanks, Mystery Science Theater 3000!

The gang travels to Bwanda, a country that Interpol has no jurisdiction over, making Lupin and co. untouchable by either Zenigata or other agents. Again, in a stroke of Lupin genius, Lupin decides to take the interest out of the “Lupin game” by shamelessly broadcasting where he is 24/7. Anyone who follows someone who posts a lot on social media knows it get monotonous. Lupin hopes that by posting his location and activities constantly, people will eventually get bored and stop keeping up with him.


The mysterious forces who set up the “Lupin game” decide to change the game from ‘hide and seek’ to a ‘battle royale’ type of game, pitting the Lupin gang against the world’s best assassins.

Battle Royal Lupin style

This episode has some great character moments between Lupin and Ami. I enjoy how their relationship is adversarial, not because of some mysterious past like other Lupin characters, but because of their personality differences. Ami is logical and wants to get the be as efficient as possible while Lupin has a more carefree approach to life. These differences create a fun dynamic between them which can be fun to watch. Hopefully the show can use that dynamic to create interesting stories throughout Part 5.

ecentric assassins

Later in the episode, Ami tries to leave, thinking that her agreement with Lupin has come to a conclusion. Lupin wants to protect Ami from the forces of Marco Polo but won’t go into any more detail. I am intrigued by the mystery of Ami and the mysterious forces trying to kill Lupin. I watch with caution though as most of the mysteries or long running plot threads within the Lupin franchise have great build ups leading to fairly anti-climactic finishes, so will see if Part 5 follows suit.

Bill’s Random Thoughts:
· Least Valuable Player: Fujiko Mine, once again making a cameo appearance in the episode.
· Goemon’s deus ex machina moment: Cutting a the roof of airplane hangar in half to escape.
· Props to Crunchyroll for subbing the text chats in the episode!
· Seeing a very serious Lupin during the fight with the punks harassing Ami was very cool.
· The assassins sent to kill Lupin are very “eccentric“

Lupin The Third Part 5 is simulcast on Crunchyroll on Tuesdays.

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