Third Impact Anime Episode # 131 – Lupin the Third: Goodbye Partner feat. Drew & Emma from Sideburns & Cigarettes

Are you Chopin around for a good podcast? Well you found one!

Bill and Austin finally return to the monkey-faced thief for this first time in a while to review a fairly recent TV special, 2019’s Lupin the Third: Goodbye Partner, but this time we’re not going in alone.

We asked two special guests to join us, Drew and Emma of Sideburns & Cigarettes: A Lupin the Third Podcast. We share some reflections about the franchise over all, review the special, and reflect on the recent passing of the long-time voice of Daisuke Jigen, Kiyoshi Kobayashi.

This episode was an absolute blast and we’re so delighted that Drew and Emma were able to join us.

What are some of your favorite performances from Kobayashi as Jigen? Let us know. Send us an e-mail and we’ll read it aloud on an upcoming episode:

All music comes from the Lupin the Third: Goodbye Partner soundtrack.

You can check out Sideburns & Cigarettes wherever you get your podcasts:

Hosted by Austin (@bebopshock), Bill (@wbforeman999), Drew (@drewhunter15), and Emma (@EmmaWolfe227).

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