BONUS INTERVIEW – Batman Meets Godzilla Fan-comic!

Hey there, Bat-Fans!

For our latest Bonus Episode, Sully interviewed Eric Elliot, the writer/editor of the new Batman Meets Godzilla webcomic, inspired by the lost Toho script from the 1960s that pit Adam West’s Batman against the King of the Monsters, Godzilla! Eric and Sully talk about the history of the script, what led to its discovery, and how Eric has adapted it to work as a modern web comic that stays faithful to both  franchises.

Sully would like to apologize for how hot his mic came in on this episode — he’s just that excited about Batman!

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The “To the Batpoles” podcast mentioned by Sully about the 60s Batman television show:

More info on the Batman Meets Godzilla script treatment:

This week, we open with a Japanese cover of the 1966 Batman theme song, covered by Johnny’s Jackey Yoshikawa & His Blue Comets, listen here!:

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