Episode #85 – Black Jack: The Movie (1996) feat. Basil from OSMCast

Happy Black Jack-sgiving! Or, Black (Jack’s) Friday? Either way, he’d be the best one to slice the turkey.

This episode, we’re gathering around the dinner table to discuss the Osamu Dezaki directed film based on the classic Osamu Tezuka character, Black Jack: The Movie!

Joining us for this family get together is returning champion and “question-asker-supreme,” our wonderful friend Basil from OSMCast. Enjoy!

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Music featured in this episode

  • “Invisible Love” by Mai Yamane (Black Jack: The Movie OST)
  • “To You in My Memory” by Another Moon (Black Jack OVA OST OP 2)
  • “I Thought I Could Convey This Feeling…” by Another Moon (Black Jack OVA OST ED 2)

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