Episode #84 – Post-Halloween Special! Legends and Yokai in Yamishibai

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Note: This episode was recorded before Halloween and intended to be released before we went to Anime Weekend Atlanta but hey, we had a convention to prep for so please pardon the outdated info in the beginning.

To stave off the inevitable arrive of Thank-Christmas-giving, we’re here to extend the Halloween season just a bit with our post-Halloween special on legends and yokai in the TV series Yamishibai. For those unaware, or if you didn’t listen to last year’s Halloween special, Yamishibai is an anime anthology series consisting of a bunch of spooky short stories. This year, we picked 2 episodes each to explore the urban legends, yokai, or cultural elements they were based on. Please enjoy!

Episodes discussed:

SCP article mentioned by Tori

Read Austin’s coverage of Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Halloweentown Theme” by Mark Mothersbaugh
  • “Miss Pumpkin’s Comical Dream by Hachi (performed using Hatsune Miku)
  • “Still Doll by Kanon Wakashima (Vampire Knight ED 1)
  • “Karinui by Mamiko Noto (Hell Girl ED 1)
  • “This is Halloween by Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories ver.)
  • “Ghost Mansion by Hachi (performed using Hatsune Miku)
  • “NAA NAA NAA by The Mirraz (Yamishibai ED 3)
  • Shijukunichi eyes” by Nashimoto Ui (performed using Hatsune Miku)

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One comment

  1. Hope y’all had a good time. I can only tell you that Oni-Con in Galveston, TX has been historically always held Halloween Weekend and it always increased the enthusiasm for Cosplay, even by amateurs that don’t normally cosplay. In more recent years Halloween has been in the middle of the work week and they’ve scheduled Oni around Veterans Day in early/mid November and these haven’t been nearly as much fun.

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