Episode #83 – Maidens, Moms, and Muscles: The Final Word

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To conclude(?) our reviews of 2019 Summer anime, we’re back with Team “Our-Shows-are-Over-More-or-Less” giving final thoughts on:

  • How Heavy are the Dumbells You Lift?
  • Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?
  • O Maidens in Your Savage Season.

Tori, Sarah, and Edwin discuss what they loved and hated about their chosen shows and give you their final recommendations on if anything they watched was really worth it.

Also discussed: Kingdom Hearts III (for like two seconds), Ensemble Stars, Ascendance of the Bookworm, Ace of Diamond, A3! (mobile game), Afterschool Dice Club, and of course HALLOWEEN!

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Music featured in this episode:

  • This is Halloween (Kingdom Hearts version) by Yoko Shimomura
  • ONEGAI MUSCLE by Hibiki Sakura & Naruzo Machio
  • Scala ad Caelum by Yoko Shimomura
  • Kakusei -Lio Fotia’s theme- by Superfly
  • Yume Cinderella by Momo Asakura
  • Mashiro by Sumire Morohoshi
  • This is Halloween (Kingdom Hearts version) by Yoko Shimomura

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