#75 – You don’t have a phone?! Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review

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If you haven’t heard by now, Final Fantasy VII‘s long awaited Remake is coming out next March! We got a ton of new information about it at this year’s E3, so of course it’s the perfect time to revisit Final Fantasy VII in anime form!

Austin, Tobias, and Tori are joined by our gaming pals, Will and Ryan of Mid Shelf Gaming, to discuss the 2005 film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, as well as it’s 2009 “Complete” version and other adjacent FFVII anime projects (Last Order and Episode Denzel).

We discuss a ton of stuff including how we first watched the film back in the day, how Tifa is really the main character, the bizarre nature of Cait Sith, cell phones, whether or not this movie is really necessary, and Tori serves up a hot take about Vincent Valentine.

Don’t dilly dally or shilly shally and listen to the episode!

Note: In the episode, we credit Tetsuya Nomura for the film’s action direction. It is important to also credit Visual Work’s Kazuyuki Ikumori for the action direction as much as Nomura if not more.

Trailer for Advent Children featuring the absolute bop that is “Safe & Sound” by Kyosuke Himuro and GERARD WAY

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