We are Featured Panelists at Animazement 2019!

It’s time.

Somehow, we’ve been able to convince the fine folks at Animazement to make us their Featured Panelists for 2019. We are both honored and excited to be given this opportunity to provide over 20 hours of content for the anime masses over the course of the weekend.

Animazement is held at the Raleigh Convention Center in Raleigh, NC, May 24th-26th. We hope to see some of you guys there! Please come out to one of our many panels and don’t be afraid to say hi!

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see our billing.


Thursday (Pre-Con)

  • Nintendo Outside Nintendo (Sully) – 8pm – 306B


  • Older Anime for New Fans (Tobias & Austin) – 9:30am – 306C
  • The Clutter-Free Otaku (Sully) – 11am – 306B
  • Thieving with Style: A Guide to Lupin the Third (Bill): 1pm-2pm  305b
  • Anime-versary: To the 9’s (Everyone) – 2:00pm-4:00pm – 306B
  • Fifteen Years of PreCure (Tori) – 3:30-4:30 – 306A
  • Evangelion in the Netflix Era (Tobias, Austin, Tori, Bill) – 5:00pm – 306C
  • Needle in a Straw Hat: An Introduction to One Piece (Bill)- 8pm-9pm 306C
  • Cursed Tapes: Japanese Horror Films (Tori) 8:30pm-9:30pm 306B


  • Classic Sonic the Hedgehog (Tobias) – 9:30am – 306B
  • Tapes, Toonami, and Teenagers: Anime Culture of the 90’s (Tobias) – 11:00am – 306B
  • Disney and Japan (Austin & Tori) 11:30pm – 306C
  • Magic Lantern: Japanese Film (Sully) – 2:30pm – 306C
  • Anime Movies You May Have Missed (Austin) – 4:30pm-5:30pm – 306B
  • La Soldier~ The Musical World of Sailor Moon (Sully) – 6:30pm – 306A
  • Let’s Get Spooky! Your Guide to Horror Anime (Tori) 8pm-9pm – 305B
  • This Panel, It Was Made For Me: Junji Ito Showcase (Tori) 9:30pm-10:30pm 306B
  • Surrealism in Anime (Tobias) – 11pm-1am- 301A


  • 2019 Anime in Review (So Far) (Everyone) – 9:30am – 306B
  • Excellence in the Ordinary: A Look at Kyoto Animation (Austin & Tori) – 11:00am – 306B
  • Lum Forever: A Celebration of Urusei Yatsura (Sully) – 12:30pm – 306B
  • DVD’s, Digisubs, and Deflation: Anime Culture of the 00’s (Tobias) – 1:00pm – 306C

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