BONUS Episode – Perfume and Sailor Moon: The Super Live!

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Tori and Austin convene to discuss seeing three awesome live performances: Frozen on Broadway, J-Pop superstars Perfume, and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super LIVE in New York City. Sully also makes an appearance to give you a brief history of Sailor Moon‘s numerous stage iterations and how that leads into the Sailor Scouts’ first “real” stage performances in the US.

Perfume is an award-winning techno-pop trio formed in 2000 consisting of members Nocchi, a-chan, and KASHIYUKA. They remain one of the most pervasive and influential Japanese pop groups of the 00s and 10s.


Anime News Network’s event coverage of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: The Super LIVE

Sailor Moon News’ Cast Breakdown

Sully would like to make a correction – Petz was played by actress Karen Yoda in Tanjou! Ankokou no Black Lady (Kaiteiban), who has since come out as a trans woman.

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