Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Predictions


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally out and it’s been truly addicting to try and unlock every character, spirit, and soundtrack in the game. With a roster of 74 playable characters, the game is HUGE compared to most fighting games. Street Fighter V with all its DLC and base-game characters only has 28 characters at the time of this article. Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed that Ultimate will be getting at least six playable character DLCs, each coming with their own distinctive stage and music tracks. Two out six of the new fighters have been revealed; Piranha Plant from the Mario Bros. franchise and in a HUGE TWIST, Joker from Persona 5.

Four fighters are left to be theorized and using the power of deductive reasoning and inference, here are my predictions of what characters or franchises might end up in the four Ultimate DLC packs.

4. The Monster Hunter Franchise


Nintendo is no stranger to having Monster Hunter games on their consoles. Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 4 were exclusives on the Wii and 3DS. Currently Monster Hunter is one of the top selling franchises in Japan with over 18 million units according to IGN.  While the latest game, Monster Hunter World is not on the Switch (due most likely to tech limitations), the rising popularity of the franchise outside of Japan thanks in part to World, a great consolation prize for the game not being on the Switch would be a character in Ultimate!

3. The Contra Franchise


Smash has been getting a lot of non-Nintendo franchises that represent NES nostalgia in their games. Smash on Wii U/3DS added Mega Man and Ultimate added Simon Belmont and Ricker Belmont from Castlevania. Contra is the next series that fits the NES nostalgia theme. Plus if Smash were able to get Solid Snake back for Ultimate, it gives more hope to this actually happening. Who wouldn’t love having the Spreader gun as a final Smash?

2. The Chosen Undead from Dark Souls


Similar to Monster Hunter, Dark Souls is a very popular franchise in both Japan and North America. Namco-Bandai has strong ties to the Smash franchise, working as part of the development team since Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS. Not to mention, Pac-Man has been part of Smash since the Wii U and 3DS versions. Nintendo is also not afraid to feature characters from M rated titles, like Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid to now Joker from Persona 5.  The Chosen Undead may be an unlikely choice due to its more slow and defense play style in its own games, but slow playable characters are not new to Smash. Both Ganondorf and Bowser are slow in speed but powerful in their attacks, which could fit The Chosen Undead perfectly.

1. Waluigi


Fans have been clamoring for Waluigi to become a playable character forever, partially out of a genuine desire, but mostly because of memes. Out of everyone on this list, this would be the easiest for Nintendo to do since they created Waluigi. Considering that Ridley from Metroid was the Smash fan’s white-whale for a long time and he managed to show up in Ultimate, maybe Waluigi will be next. But at what cost?

What characters or franchises do you think should be added into the Smash universe? Leave a comment down below!

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