Interview with JP Yates at Animazement, 2018

Austin got the chance to sit down with Animazement 2018 guest of honor and Director of International Recruitment at the University of Akron, JP Yates!

Mr. Yates is an educator, anime fan, cool dude, and professional Japan enthusiast. Austin picked his brain about his work in international education, living and working in Japan, panels, language, embarassing inter-cultural escapades, working for Epcot, celebrating Shinichiro Watanabe’s birthday, hanging out with Masuo Ueda, and much, much more!

Here’s JP Yates’ full bio from the Animazement website:

“JP Yates has nearly 20 years of experience in international education, with a special focus on Asia. His positions have ranged from coordinator at Epcot, to eikaiwa teacher in Japan, to head of admissions forjTemple University, Japan Campus. When not travelling the world in search of students as Executive Director of International Recruitment for The University of Akron, he leads workshops in Japan on studying in the United States and vice versa. Yates is a graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, and is the father of two dual Japanese/U.S. citizens. He enjoys frequent trips back to Japan for both work and pleasure, and feels strongly that Japan is the best option for both studying internationally and as the safest place to be an idiot (which he has proven on many, many occasions).”

Thanks so much to JP Yates for coming on the show and thank YOU listeners for listening.

Keep up with Mr. Yates on twitter @J_PYates

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