Lupin the Third Part 5 Ep. 4 Lupin of Arabia

When we last left Lupin, he was about to be shot by Fujiko. Luckily for him, Zenigata appeared with car in tow giving Ami and himself an escape, leaving Jigen and Goemon to deal with Fujiko. You’re probably wondering: why would Zenigata save Lupin?

Zingatta saves lupin

The dialogue between Lupin and Zenigata is a highlight showing the mutual respect they have for each other. If they weren’t on opposite sides of the law, Lupin and Zenigata would probably be friends. My favorite example of their relationship? Zenigata asking Lupin to willing go to prison so he can be safe from the endless assassins trying to kill him. Lupin knowing Zenigata – while he has good intentions – he couldn’t be in a cage willingly.

Ami begins to shine as the desert rays change her personality. She goes from being cold, to fits of anger, fear, and happiness. Showing Lupin and Zenigata that she does have a range of emotions (I guess the desert heat can melt any exterior). Her interactions with Zenigata are also very funny.  Zenigata tries to impress Ami with his knowledge of navigation and plant life. Ami’s technology is able to trump Zenigata’s knowledge, to his frustration.

Ami loses her cool

The one disappointment in episode 4 is the action scenes. Throughout the episode, a Bwanda military helicopter is chasing the gang in hopes of getting the bounty. The scenes with the helicopter for me were forgettable. That’s OK, because the episode ends on a terrific cliffhanger. Just as Ami, Lupin, and Zenigata are about to cross the Bwanda border, a sniper is able to land a headshot on Lupin, leaving us to believe Lupin is dead. Now you know based off the cigarette in the sniper’s mouth  that it was probbly Jigen, making me wonder, number one: how the Lupin logic will explain how Lupin fakedhis deaht and get int touch with Jingen? Number two: did Jigen switch sides and now works with Fujiko? I’m excited to find out.

Lupin Dead_

Bill’s Random Thoughts

  • Someone of Ami tech knowledge and expertise wouldn’t be using Microsoft Edge as their browser

Microsoft Edge

  • How is there a windmill with a large bucket of water in the middle of the desert? The show’s answer: don’t ask questions
  • LVP: most of the Lupin gang I guess no one wanted to jump in the car with Lupin and Ami
  • No Goemon moment of the episode.
  • Ami must have her own personal satellite and data line because I have no idea how she gets internet access in the middle of the desert.

Lupin The Third Part 5 is simulcast on Crunchyroll on Tuesdays.

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