Series Premiere: My Hero Academia Season 3 Eps. 1 and 2 Review

My Hero Academia has been one of the most popular shows to air in the past few years. With it sweeping nearly all of the attention from the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, naturally season 3 was much anticipated. Though the first episode of the dub has been delayed indefinitely, I have watched episode one in sub format, and episode two in dub format and am ready to deliver my thoughts.


Episode one features mostly recap and a class 1-A training session at the UA High School pool. You reunite yourself with the cast (some more than others), and move on. There isn’t much to talk about with this one since it it clearly that classic filler recap episode.


Episode two is where the fun begins. It starts with Mr. Aizawa informing the class 1-A of how they will be spending their summer training camp. After his spiel, Uraraka runs up to Deku and talks about her excitement for the camp. Of course, his face turns red and begins to squirm because he likes her. Then shortly after, she turns red as well and runs away. This is followed by all the hero course classes boarding their buses and heading to their destinations. Class 1-A gets to their location and meets the “Wild Wild Pussycats” (for which the episode is aptly named). The class is given the task to reach their bunk house in an allotted time through a forest full of large dangerous monsters. They fight some and get to the bunk house and settle in. They eat, go to the hot springs, and go to bed. They get up early the next morning to start their first day of summer training.


After this first taste, I am even more excited for the season. We get to see a little of what the villains are planning, and what our heroes will go through. This one is one to keep an eye on. The first two seasons blasted expectations and I hope that it keeps up the momentum.

Go Beyond. PLUS ULTRA!


My Hero Academia is streaming weekly on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and VRV.

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