Season Premiere: Seven Deadly Sins (S2) Ep. 1 and 2 Review


So after being misled by Netflix about Seven Deadly Sins season 2 coming out this past summer, where it was actually just the OVAs, I was a little annoyed because I really enjoyed season 1. This season, season 2 ACTUALLY came out, but because it is licensed by Netflix, the episodes will not be stateside until the season is complete. Being that we here at Third Impact Anime do not condone the illegal streaming of copyrighted materials, I’ll be traveling to Japan in order to watch these as they air! Totally not lying at all, and you should totally support the official release of this series. This review will cover the first 2 episodes because I was swamped last week with Ichibancon happening and did not have time to write a review, but yeah I totally had time to attend Ichibancon and fly to Japan stop questioning me. Also spoiler alert as this show is very plot heavy.

Actual footage of Ryan landing back from Japan in time


Episode 1:

Pretty much what you would expect, a lot of setup and a bit of recap, ya know just in case you missed the recap episode from last week, but at least it’s not as bad as Naruto with the amount of recap per episode. Some characters got wardrobe changes, some went off to participate in other arcs that are not the main arc and will meet up later, meeting the villains for this season, and of course the traditional premonition dream about the main character in a great battle that we probably won’t see till the midseason or end of the season. Ban and King decided to leave in order to go back to the Fairy King Forest because Ban swears it’s still there. Have I mentioned by the way how hard it is to take this show seriously when they use names like that? That’s pretty much all we got from those two, so onto the main crew.

The Sins are being awarded medals for their role in stopping Hendrickson and Dreyfus last season; however a rival group doubts they deserve it and want to challenge them to a fight, two of them are platinum level knights, and one is a diamond level. Wow diamonds and platinums thinking they can beat anyone who isn’t them, what else is new… *looks at E-sports*. tenorMeliodas beats one of them with barely any effort and they acknowledge the Sins’ strength. Every time Meliodas beats up someone with a smile on his face not really giving a crap always makes me wonder how he is the Sin of Wrath… *looks at FMA*.

Whenever he’s called Sin of Wrath

While all of this going on, Hawk, the group pig (yeah try figuring that one out) is suddenly obsessed with reading everyone’s power levels. He was also convinced he was on tier with Meliodas, but…. yeah. VlE4r79Kinda confused why the show is suddenly quantifying power, whereas before, you just found out how powerful they were by how they acted, which was definitely more impactful. 

Aside from that, we find out that Hendrickson and Dreyfus survived season 1 and succeeded in summoning the Demon Clan, who had been gone for 3000 years, also Dreyfus is possessed by one of them now.


Episode 2:

We meet the Ten Commandments, literally the opposite of the Seven Deadly Sins. It fits with the recurring motif that everything bad is good and everything good is bad, being that you’d think a group called the Ten Commandments… something given to humanity from GOD… would be representations of light, but I digress. One of them, Zeldris, was shown in Elizabeth’s premonition last episode, pretty sure he’s going to be Meliodas’ brother, that’d be predictable enough.

We get back with King and Ban, who make it to the Fairy King Forest (seriously, that name). Turns out Ban was right, it’s not burned to ash. He’s also the fairy king now because Elaine trusted him, and King is hated by everyone who were once his subjects. King’s helmet is now possessed by his best friend, and the two decide to embark on a quest to find a way to revive Elaine.

Romantic subplots are starting to spring up, with Elizabeth telling Diane she is in love with Meliodas, and Diane telling her she remembers her feelings for King. Seriously, why are anime troupes so internally incestuous all the time, find some outside love. Take Gowther for example, he’s learning to love by manipulating memories of random side characters and being kind of a dick overall, so he and Diane are going to fight now.

Did my summary seem a little dense, like there was too much going on? Yeah that’s pretty much how I felt watching these two episodes. Episode 1 started fine, setting the stage for the plot of the season and having some fun here and there, but Episode 2 went so fast. They introduced too many subplots for where we are in the season. Season 1 did a good job of introducing and resolving arcs before jumping into another 1. Having 2 arcs going simultaneously would be fine, but 5? 200

Wayyyyy too much in my opinion. I hope it starts to slow down because it will be too difficult to keep up with otherwise. Overall, 7/10 for the first two episodes, but I expect it will get better as the season progresses. Until next time~


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