Pop Team Epic Ep. 3 Review


At this point, there’s not really much more I can say about Pop Team Epic to sway you one way or another. You either think this is the epitome of comedy or have disavowed it completely (the objectively wrong opinion). So let’s go over the highlights of episode 3 and see how it stands up to the prior two.

The opening skit is a faux documentary on idol culture, with Popuko playing a crass, chain-smoking idol whom “PipiP” is producing into a the pinnacle of the genre. In typical Pop Team Epic fashion, the gag goes overboard when she decides to clone “Pop-chin” and take over the world, and ends with a callback to M. Bison of Street Fighter.


“Japon Mignon” comes back in this episode as well. Just like the first episode, the first run is completely untranslated but subtitles appear in the second. AC-bu returns with two Bob Team Epic shorts, one in the same style we’ve seen before, and one invoking another one they’re known for:


As usual, the real strength in Pop Team Epic is the guest voice actors–this time, we get Ryuusei Nakao, most notably the voice of Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, and Norio Wakamoto, who voiced Cell in DBZ, but also has a number of other roles. Nakao really comes through as portraying Popuko as the little gremlin she really is, and Wakamoto adds to the pair of “hired killer” shorts, as well as making the M. Bison joke work, as Wakamoto voices that role in Street Fighter IV and V. If nothing else, a DBZ character making a joke about the passage of time hits a level of irony I didn’t think anime was really capable of anymore.



Pop Team Epic is streaming every Saturday on Crunchyroll.

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