Mitsuboshi Colors Ep. 2 Review

With episode two under our belt, we can now get a better feel of where this show wants to go and what it wants to do. After episode one, we received three small girls pointing a rocket launcher at a local policeman. This week we got a hide and seek game where the two hiders forgot about the game and went to Akihabara instead to street pass.


This however is not a knock on this episode’s quality, it just shows that this will not be an over the top ridiculous experience (like Nichijou). One thing I will praise about this show, is that our characters are wearing different (sometimes even two different) outfits per episode. If Mitsoboshi Colors can sustain momentum, I believe this can be one of the most fun and interesting shows of the season.


I found myself this episode being bored in places. I think one of the best parts of this show is the dynamic between the Colors and Saitou, our police officer friend. Even though there is interaction, it is decidedly lacking from the first episode to this one. If this show doesn’t use all of its assets, it will have quite a bit of difficulty sustaining a fan base from the older audience. Being that it airs in Japan at 10:30pm, much of the demographic watching will be the older folk.


Though it is not perfect, Mitsuboshi Colors can still become a top show of the season. With an art style that can do nothing but turn people on to the show, there is a lot here to like. This formula of a detective show for children is something I haven’t seen since Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note (not an awesome show, but it uses a similar formula). If this show avoids the mundane and keeps our Colors in interesting and fun situations, this show will have a vast appeal.


Mistuboshi Colors is no Yotsuba&,  not yet at least. Mitsuboshi Colors streams on Sundays on HIDIVE at 9:30a.m. E.S.T.

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