Laid-Back Camp Ep. 2 Review

Since last week after I wrote my series premiere review for Laid-Back Camp, I can’t stop referring to it as “Camp Camp” thanks to this tweet from Crunchyroll’s @sailorbee. Thanks a lot for that…

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Episode two continues much in the same style as episode one, but it is split into two distinct parts. Part one of the episode follows Nadeshiko as she meets the two members of the Outdoor Activities Club (which Rin, our mysterious bun-head camping aficionado from episode one, is actually not a part of. Such riveting drama!).

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The two members she meets are Aoi Inuyama and Chiaki Oogaki, two airheads that are better at camping in theory than in practice. The three bond fairly quickly and spend an afternoon attempting to assemble a cheap tent in the school yard, failing, and then succeeding with some help from Ena Saitou, a the kind, smart best friend of Rin.

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Rin and Nadeshiko then run into each other, foiling Rin’s attempts to avoid her, and Rin promptly escapes to go camping on her own that following weekend, successfully avoiding Nadeshiko’s newfound camping zeal.

The second half of the episode is more similar to episode one. It’s a relaxing stroll through the beautiful campground Rin goes to for the day. We get to follow her as she walks around, explores, and takes photos of interesting things, including these beautiful doggos. All the while, the show gives us a sleepy musical underlay of light acoustic guitar and piano, perfect for building the cool, outdoor mood.

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The episode concludes with Nadeshiko’s unwelcome appearance at the camp ground, ruining Rin’s peace and quiet. But with the promise of hot-pot, Rin’s attitude seems to lighten a little.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 1.40.14 AM

The show is staying enjoyable and true to form. It’s exactly what it seems, no more, no less. There were a few small comedy gags I found myself chuckling at, but otherwise, it gave me about the same feeling as episode one. I am hoping that the series goes into more of a character-based story rather than just pretty camping shots and relaxing music. Characters are what make a show at the end of the day and so far, these characters are nothing to write home about. But they are worth writing a review about!

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Laid-Back Camp is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and VRV on Thursdays.


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