Andrew’s Top 10 of 2017

This list for me was hard to make. There were so many good things to come from the anime industry, from the game industry, and from the film industry. There was also a lot that did not live up to expectations (Star Wars Battlefront 2 for example…). But we are here to look at the good things that I consumed. I must preface that these are in no particular order. This is just a list of things I enjoyed. Here’s to 2018!  

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  1. K-On!

I had been hearing all about how good K-On! was for a long time. For one reason or another I kept skipping out on it. Once I finally started, I was hooked instantly. With an artstyle that has made it age perfectly well, K-On! has held up and will hold up for years to come. It is not without fault of course. Lets me make this perfectly clear…THIS SHOW IS NOT ABOUT MUSIC. This show is about a delightful cast of characters that do high schooler things. In a world of what seemed to be nothing but turmoil and danger, a light and fluffy show was exactly what I needed.


  1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted is perhaps my favorite game series. But when this game came out I was so deeply in love with Stardew Valley, it passed me by. So early in 2017 I finally sat down and played it and boy, did it blow me away. It took everything I loved from its predecessors while adding its own “next gen” flair. An Uncharted story for the ages with pirates and lost cities, along with an exciting and fluid combat system, this game got my attention, and it certainly did not let go. If The Lost Legacy is anywhere close to this game, I do not doubt that I will love that as well.


  1. Azumanga Daioh (The Animation)

 Having read the manga in 2016, as well as being a huge fan of Yotsuba&, I was worried about how the show would handle the nature of a 4 panel manga series. Thankfully it is mostly episodic with the same type of humor found in the manga. It was incredibly enjoyable and something that I could watch multiple times. It is one of those shows you would put on in the background of doing stuff. It doesn’t need your attention to make you enjoy it. This and shows like Nichijou really capture what it means to be a comedy anime. The comedy is not necessarily in the situations themselves, but with the characters. I value character more than I value plot or setting, and this is a consistent view I have throughout all types of entertainment. This show will no doubt be one that I will recommend to anyone I meet.


  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

WOOOOOOOO! IT’S STAR WARS! I know a lot of people have differing opinions on this film but I certainly think that Rian Johnson’s crack at Star Wars was a good one. This movie was full of content from opening credits to closing credits. It is also has a perfectly enclosed story, and an ending where no one has any idea where Star Wars is going next. Having discourse about where Star Wars is going has been the most fun thing to me about this film.


  1. Engaged to the Unidentified

Someone explain this to me. Why is this show not more popular? It has everything a show in the Rom Com genre needs; Lovable characters, great art style, great opening and closing songs, great writing, and it’s legitimately funny and heartfelt. It has been a long time since I have seen a show that has had everything it needs to sell well in the general market. I really don’t understand why this show is not more popular than it is. This is my angry letter to the anime community. This show should be on the same level as The Devils a Part Timer in popularity. I really enjoyed this show and It restores my faith in the rom com genre, slightly.


  1. Ratchet & Clank (PS4)

Having played and loved all of these games for Playstation 2 as a kid, seeing that a reimagining of the  Ratchet & Clank origin story based around the movie was coming, I was certainly excited. Yet once again time passed and other things got in the way of me playing this game. But finally, during an Extra Life 2017 livestream marathon, I got to play this game. Yet it did not bring anything vastly new to the  Ratchet & Clank series, it brought that classic chaotic gameplay I loved from years ago. I am interested in what Insomniac Games wants to do with the series if anything. If this is the last we will see of our Lombax friend, it will certainly be sad to see him go.


  1. OSW Review

 I saw this on Bill’s Top 10 of 2017 and couldn’t leave it off. Since I am too lazy to watch wrestling myself, (because it sucks most of the time), I watch OSW’s videos instead. They do reviews of old and new wrestling pay per views and are the typical wrestling fans. They call out bad wrestling when they see it, and are more than happy to criticize storylines when they think it’s bad. Watching them go through ridiculous storylines is so entertaining for me. Since this is more of a wrestling nerd pick, I’ll just move right along.


  1. Little Witch Academia

Having seen the films coming into this show, I knew this show was ripe to be great. Trigger shows us they have range as a studio. Coming on the heels of shows like Kill La Kill and Space Patrol Luluco, Little Witch is very calmed down and PG unlike its counterparts. Having a fantasy show that is different in a world of a million fantasy shows that are all the same was so refreshing. Following a delightful cast and a light but suspenseful at times story made this a great watch. I would be perfectly fine with this show getting no more episodes, or running for over 600.   


  1. Your Name.

What can I say, this is the best movie I have ever seen. An art style and animation that cannot be touched, a heartfelt story that has touched the entire world, and a truly interesting and unique take on a body swapping story. There is not much more that I can say about this film, just that if you have not seen it, watch it as soon as you can.


  1. My Hero Academia

This show is a shounen I can get behind. All the main characters are well written, the supporting cast are interesting and, for the most part, are well written and get good screen time, and there are no main characters that I dislike. There is always the “best girl” debate in shows like this, but honestly, they are all so good that any answer is the right answer. This show will probably go on forever and I am excited for wherever this show goes. My only hope is that it stays as good as it has been for the first two seasons.    

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