Tori Lee

Tori is usually found in a dark room laughing at vines that no one else happens to find funny, only to procrastinate on anything she needs to work on.

One day, many years ago, after binging dozens of horror movies and somehow running out of things to watch, Tori was met with a recommendation to check out Clannad, the series that pulled her back into obsessively watching anime. Tori’s interests range from cute and fluffy shows like Cardcaptor Sakura and K-ON! to the odd and grotesque world of Japanese horror, and some things in between.

While pretending to be a normal member of society, Tori is pursuing a double degree in Elementary Education (with a concentration in teaching English as a foreign language) and Asian studies at UNC Greensboro. Tori is also into collecting plastic anime girls, baking, cosplay, the paranormal, K-pop, all things Disney, and lo-fi hip-hop YouTube channels.

You can find Tori on Twitter @WorstWaifu usually talking about whatever she’s currently watching or quoting random parts of IRL conversations she finds funny.

Catch Tori spouting feelings on TIA’s podcast or in person at various cons in the area.

Tori’s go to anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Precure franchise, Durarara!!, Shiki, The Monogatari series, Sailor Moon, and Kyousogiga