Tobias Mcnabb

Tobias Mcnabb attended his first anime convention in 2004 and never actually went home. After several years of seeing too many AMV’s, spending too much money in dealer’s halls, and somehow surviving some crazy room-parties, he decided to try his hand at presenting panels. He’s been simultaneously heralded as the Geeksiah and denounced as a slave to nostalgia. Currently, he travels the southeast from Alabama to North Carolina, swindling conventions into giving him an open mic from which he barfs forth anime production facts and otherwise-useless trivia about ludological pursuits.

You can find Tobias on his personal website and on twitter @reverend_tobias

Tobias’s Go-To Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Entire Filmography of Satoshi Kon, The Tatami Galaxy, and Kyousogiga