Sullivan Wallace

Sully’s raison d’être is cultivating the perfect, effortless, and classical otaku lifestyle. After one fateful introduction to Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza Arc in the first grade, Sully has been hooked on Japanese media culture.

Along with a lifetime affinity for Nintendo games, Sully is Third Impact’s resident Sailor Moon scholar and a connoisseur of obscure, vintage anime and Japanese film.  Sully has extensive experience paneling and volunteering at fan events, and has worked with both the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Japanese Club and assisted with the Geeksboro Anime Club. He has also paneled and volunteered at many local conventions such as Super FamiCon, Ichibancon, Triad Anime Con, and Asheville Regional Anime Convention.  

Outside of anime fandom, Sully is working towards a second degree in English with hopes to receive his doctorate in literature. If he’s not watching anime, he’s probably watching The Golden Girls for the millionth time.

Sully can be found on twitter @calva_kun, and as a guest host on Third Impact Anime Podcast.

Sully’s Go-to Anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club, Osomatsu-san, Urusei Yatsura, Excel Saga, and of course, Sailor Moon.