Jon Carlee

While everyone else at Third Impact works hard analyzing and curating Japanese animation for everyone’s appreciation, Jon plays video games.

Just because he can count most of the anime he’s watched on two hands doesn’t mean he dislikes it (He even reads manga, with Rurouni Kenshin being his first and favorite).  His forte just happens to be video games. Besides his love for the Star Fox series, Jon’s played everything from Robo Recall to Mother 3 to Time Crisis to Oblivion and everything in between.  Like the traveling swordsman, he prefers not to stay on one game for too long.

Jon actually acquired a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics (we’re serious).  He’s also participated in the CampusMovieFest competition, winning the Jury Award twice and his first film winning Best Actress.  He also has credits for post audio and editing on IMDB.

Once he became part of Borderline Panels, he quickly found out there’s more to appreciating and understanding anime and the culture surrounding it aside from simply watching it.  On his quest for new anime and knowledge, he’s joined up with Third Impact Anime, bringing his gaming knowledge, editing expertise, and whatever shenanigans he happens to be up to.

When Jon’s not busy not sleeping, he enjoys listening to and composing music, playing video games, editing videos, making very bad jokes/gifs, and hanging out with people as much as he physically can. You can listen to him on the Third Impact Anime Podcast, especially on his sub-show, Two Guys and Video Games with Ryan McIntee

Jon’s Go-to Anime: Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Nichijou, Persona 4: The Animation

Go-to Game Series: Star Fox, Metroid, Pokemon, Persona, The Legend of Zelda, Danganronpa